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Chair Mounted Dental Unit TR-16
Chair Mounted Dental Unit
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This quality and reliable dental unit has a full range features and options. Made of high grade materials, this is great for universities and clinics. It provides convenience for the dentist and comfort to the patient.

Basic packaging:
  • Main Unit 1 set
  • Patient Chair: 1 set
  • Dental Stool (TR-106M): 1 piece
Main Unit specifications:
  • Rotating glass cuspidor
  • 4-Hole Hose Instrument : 3 pcs
  • 3-Way Syringe: 1 pc
  • X-Ray Film Viewer: 1 pc
  • Saliva Ejector: 1 pc
  • Air Suction With Filter: 1 pc
  • Clean water system
  • All air drive system
  • Operating light and arm (D140A)
  • 4-hole foot controller
Patient Chair:
  • Complete electrical dental chair
  • 24 V and motor driven
  • Left armrest
  • Seamless upholster
  • Joystick Foot Control: 1 set
  • Dental stool
  • Water heater system
  • Cromax-PB 4 hole turbine
  • Air or electronic motor with straight and contra angle hand piece
  • Operating light D140Y
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