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TR 48 C
Dental Unit
TR 48 C
Dental Unit
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Check out the TR 48C Dental Unit and be at par with the best dental clinics in the world. This fashionable dental unit includes the main unit, patientís chair and dentist stool in one package with a wide range of options for the dentist to choose from.

The main unit includes an xray film viewer and other essential features such as the control panel on both sides of the dentist and assistantís tray, rotation assistantís holder, ceramic cuspidor, operating light, clean bottle water system, water heater system, 3 pieces 4-hole instrument hose, 2 pieces 3-way syringe, 1 piece saliva ejector, 1 piece air suction with filter and 1 piece foot controller.

The patientís chair is motor-driven and designed to operate at 24Volts safety low voltage. It is pre-programmable to allow accurate positioning in all functions. It is included with a headrest for adults and children, 1 set of left armrest, 1 set of right armrest and 1 set of joystick foot control and it comes in seamless upholstery to make the patient feel relaxed.

This contemporary dental unit comes with optional accessories such as LED curing light, Ultrasonic Scale. Operating Light, Digital Camera (built-in video model), Digital Camera (built-in PC model), Assistantís stool, Cromax-PB, F.O push-button Turbine, Air and Electronic Motor and Central Suction System that are made to take full advantage of the unit.

With its standard features and optional facilities, this state-of-the-art dental unit is a must-have for modern dentists today.


Main Unit

  • 4 hole instrument hose: 3pcs
  • 3 way syringe: 2pcs
  • Intra xray film viewer
  • Control panel
  • Rotation assistant holder
  • Ceramic cuspido
  • Clean water bottle system
  • Water heater system
  • Saliva ejector
  • Air suction
  • Operating light & arm
  • Foot controller

Patient Chair

  • Electric dental chair
  • Flexible Positioning for all function: 1set
  • Left armrest
  • Right armrest
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Chair foot control
  • Headrest for adult and children

Optional Accesories

  • LED curing light
  • Ultrasonic scalier
  • Central suction system
  • Digital camera, built in video & PC model
  • Assistantís stool
  • Cromax PB
  • Push Button turbine
  • Air & electronic motor
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