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Endoscope Cold Light Sourceo LG150-2
Endoscope Cold Light Source
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Looking for a high performance cold light source for your endoscope? LG150-2 is what you need!

LG150-2 cold light source can be used as a light source for medical endoscopes using fiber-optic light bundle. It has an air-supplying device and supplies illumination for clinical observation and examination of inner cavity of human body. It has the characteristics of fine light line, high brightness, small cubage and high efficiency. The central materials of instrument are imported parts, which make this instrument reliable and perfect for series of operations and examinations. It has the necessary mechanisms to suit soft tiubes.

This fiber optic light source is the central part of endoscopic surgery. This fiber optic light source can give optimum transmission of light to the object. This high performance cold light sources is able to provide the highest level of the operations and the professional doctors should have this equipment while operating the patients.

This high performance cold light source has heat free fiber optic that permits the source to remain cold during operation. This development from the modern medical technology makes the operation extremely safe and effective. Thishigh performance cold light source does not consume much energy, so it is energy-saving.

The best picture of what is being operated is produced by the high performance cold light sources. This is one of the developments offered by the modern technology which is very important as they are able to show the condition of the examined organ.

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