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Endoscope Cold Light Source LG150-6
Endoscope Cold Light Source
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Want to make your work of better quality? Want to make your operations easier and more efficient? Now it is possible to have a better quality, easier and efficient operations!

LG150-6 cold light source for endoscope is the cold light source you need. The cold light sources are the lights that are used during light surgery and endoscopy to examine the inner parts of the human body. This is one of the developments offered by the modern technology which is very important as they are able to show the condition of the examined organ.

LG150-6 medical cold light source mainly consists of two electro circuits. These are the lighting circuit and controlling circuit. It has an auto-adjusted suitor soft tube. This cold light source is known for its high brightness, low temperature at the lighting plane and long working life for adopting a high-quality importing bulb. The combination of controlling circuit and mechanical luminance adjustment makes this instrument export oriented light.

It is made of high quality materials for efficient performance. It has passed the rigorous tests to keep more than 3200K color temperature all along. It is durable, reliable and cost-effective! LG150-6 offers the most modern and perfect technology for the medicine use. It is high performance cold light sources have heat free fiber optic that allows the source to remain cold during operation. That is why, there is no danger that it will do harm to the patient. This development from the modern medical technology makes the operation extremely safe and effective.

This high performance cold light source does not consume much energy, so it is energy-saving. This high performance cold light source produces strong and intensive light so it can give a clear and detailed picture of the organs that are being checked or examined.

So for better quality and cost-effective performance of endoscope cold light source, buy one now!

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