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Manual Endoscope Disinfectors
Manual Endoscope Disinfector
Manual Endoscope Disinfector
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“Patient safety is our topmost priority”.

In every operation and examination conducted, patient safety is the topmost priority. Thus, it is important to know that the each endoscope channel has been fully irrigated and each of the disinfection process is verified. Also every detail recorded to track endoscope usage in the unlikely event any patients are recalled.

We believe in the thorough manual cleaning with an enzymatic detergent, including the brushing and flushing of all accessible endoscope channels during lists and between patients which must be undertaken before automatic disinfection of endoscope.

This manual disinfector for endoscopes is created with traditional craftsmanship combined with cutting edge technology. It is a precision engineered product of highest quality which surpassed rigorous quality standards to render maximum productivity to facilities with low procedural volume providing a basic, cost-effective approach to fully automated high level disinfection.

This is ideal for busy clinics and operating rooms. It incorporates many automatic features to make the unit easy to set-up and operate. It is compatible with a broad spectrum of disinfectants and chemicals to make the disinfection process efficient and cost-effective. It offers all features necessary to provide optimum protection to patients, staff and surgeons practicing flexible endoscopes.

This is safe, reliable and durable, ready for a lifetime of service. It is easy to operate and maintain.

So for safe operation and examination, this is the manual endoscope disinfector you need!

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