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Bronchofibersope XZ-4
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Bronchoscopy is the direct examination of larynx, trachea and bronchi using an endoscope instrument which may either be a flexible fiber optic bronchoscope or a rigid bronchoscope. The fiber optic scope is used more frequently in current practice especially in medical and surgical examinations.

This fiber optic bronchoscope is a thin, flexible bronchoscope that can be directly inserted into the segmental bronchi. Because of its small size, its flexibility and its excellent optical system, allows increased visualization of the peripheral airways. This is ideal for diagnosing pulmonary lesions.

It is suitable for examining sampling, cytologic and bacteriological examinations, sputum collecting and narcotic spraying. It can also be used to make static and dynamic records. This fiber scope is wholly waterproof, and it can be immersed completely without disinfection and to preventing the cross-communication.

This fiber optic bronchoscope which is used in bronchoscopy allows biopsy of previously inaccessible tumors and this can also be performed at the bedside.

With the help of this bronchofiberscope, bronchoscopy can be performed through endotracheal or tracheostomy tube of patients on ventilators.

Made of high quality materials for effective and accurate examination, this is the best in the market today!

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