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Colonfiberscope CS-10
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Direct visual inspection of the colon to the cecum is possible by means of this flexible fiberoptic colonoscope. This scope has the same capabilities as those used for esophagogastroendonoscopy. However, this scope is larger in diameter and longer.

This colonfiberscope is used for colonoscopy. Colonoscopy provides visualization of the large intestines with the use of this flexible endoscope instrument which is inserted rectally. Colonoscopy is performed by a physician if a patient has a history of unexplained constipation or diarrhea, rectal bleeding or lower abdominal pain and if results from a barium enema and proctosigmoidoscopy are inconclusive.

Once this lubricated colonfiberscope is inserted into the anus, a small amount of air is generated or instilled to help the examining physician have a visual aspect of the bowel lumen.

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