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Colonfiberscope CS-120
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“For easy maneuverability and minimal patient discomfort”

Are you suspecting colon cancer but can't confirm it? Well, we have the solution to your diagnostic needs. The fiber optic imaging technology now came up with this colonfiberscope. This colonfiberscope, a flexible colonoscope with fiber optic lenses is an endoscope instrument used in colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is a procedure which is utilized in order to have a direct visualization of the colon to the cecum. This procedure is commonly resorted to as a diagnostic aid and screening device, most frequently for cancer screening and for surveillance of patient’s lower gastrointestinal organs with previous colon cancer or polyps. Sometimes patients are evaluated if they have diarrhea of unknown cause, occult bleeding or anemia.

This flexible colonfiberscope is also widely used in the further study of abnormalities detected on barium enema and in the diagnosis, clarification and determination of the extent of inflammatory or other bowel diseases. It can pass through the rectum and sigmoid colon into the descending, traverse and ascending colon. Because of its durability and flexibility, it is now possible to reach even the stricture areas in the lower gastrointestinal organs of the patient in a short period of time and minimal discomfort to the patient. And the examination is tremendously conclusive, eliminating the need for a biopsy. This means not only a shortened procedure time for the examining doctor but also less expenses for the patient.

For a conclusive examination in a shortened procedure time, this is the colonfiberscope you need!

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