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Colonfiberscope CS-120
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“For easier and flexible insertion to ease patient discomfort”

Colonic endoscopy uses a colonoscope in diagnosing cancer, strictures, polyps and ulcerative or inflammatory bowel lesions. It is resorted to if a patient has a history of constipation, diarrhea or lower gastrointestinal bleeding. It is also resorted to if the result obtained through barium enema and proctosigmoidoscopy are inconclusive.

Colonoscopy which utilizes this colonfiberscope, a flexible endoscope which is inserted rectally, provides great detail in the visualization of the lining of the large intestines.

This colonfiberscope, which is another development brought by modern technology has a working length of 1.5 meters. This is made of high quality materials with fiber optic lenses for better visualization and higher resolution to ensure accurate and conclusive examination.

By means of this colonfiberscope, direct visual observation and inspection of the colon to the cecum can now be obtained with less difficulty. Because of its maneuverability, even the difficult and stricture areas can be examined for possible lesions or polyps. It has a special graduated flexibility that eases introduction to the target area with minimal discomfort to the patient.

Another product of the fiber optic imaging technology for easy insertion but with conclusive examination! So if your endoscope instrument is not as good as ours dispose it and get one now!

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