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“For accurate examination of cervical epithelium, vagina and vulva, this is exactly what you need”

A colposcope is a stereoscopic binocular microscope usually used with a magnification power of 15. This is a device used in colposcopy which involves a method of examining the cervical epithelium, vagina and vulva of women patients. Colposcopy is indicated and recommended for all women with PAP smears showing dysplasia and may be used to examine any suspicious lesion with the lower general tract.

With the use of this colposcope, the cervix and upper vagina are inspected with conclusiveness. Any epithelial abnormalities can also be detected as well as specific lesion.

The use of YDJ-11 colposcope in colposcopy increases the diagnostic accuracy and reduces the need for any biopsy. This procedure is guaranteed safe and painless and can also be done in pregnant women.

YDJ-11 colposcope has a cold light source and there are 5 magnifications available. Attachable photographic unit comes in handy with this product. Its working distance is 230 mm (or 280 mm) and has a linear field of 26 mm. It has a resolution of 80LP/mm.

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