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Observation and examination of our upper urinary tract is important to prevent or cure possible disease which could lead to oneís death. This endoscope instrument allows the examining physician to have an unsurpassed examination and treatment of the upper urinary tract. This includes the observation and examination also of the lower renal calynx.

This type of specialized endoscope instrument is primarily utilized in cystourethroscopy which is an alternative name for cystoscopy, a procedure that enables health care provider a good view of the inner portion of the patientís bladder and urethra in great detail. Cystourethroscope is an endoscope instrument which consists primarily of a small camera used to perform tests and surgeries. This specialized endoscope instrument delivers brighter and high resolution imaging which is another innovation offered by modern technology.

This cystourethroscope is made with secure connection of components for great ergonomics. It offers the component the examining physician needs for every diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. It is also made of high grade materials for long lasting durability and for effective and conclusive result of the examination. This is also compatible with other attachments and accessories. It can be assembled or disassembled at less than a minute.

For easy access and smooth insertion to lower urinary tract, grab a piece now!

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