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Flexible Cystoscope-Ureterosscope
Flexible Cystoscope-Ureterosscope
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“For smoother introduction and easy access of the lower urinary tract.”

A pain in the urinary tract may mean something. It may be a disease or abnormalities which if taken for granted will cause one’s life.

Cystourethroscopy, which is another term for cystoscopy is a procedure resorted to by the examining physician in order to view the internal aspect of one’s bladder and urethra in great detail. This procedure uses a specialized endoscope instrument called cystoscope or cystourethroscope or sometimes known as cystoscope-ureteroscope. This cystoscope flexible ureteroscope permits the examining urologist unsurpassed examination and treatment of the upper urinary tract including the lower renal calynx.

This flexible cystoscope-ureterosscope is a tube with a small camera used to perform tests and surgeries. Made of high quality materials, its special graduated flexibility eases insertion process for the physician and decreases patient discomfort.

It has the component the urologist requires for each diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. It offers durability and compatibility with other scopes, attachments and accessories for enhanced examination. This is a safe, handy and convenient endoscope instrument for a reliable and conclusive examination of urinary tract.

This flexible cystoscope-ureteroscope increases the level of observation and diagnostic potential. So why stick to your old and ineffective endoscope, grab one of this flexible cystoscope-ureteroscope! A super endoscope for a shortened procedure time!

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