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Are you suspecting a laryngeal cancer in your patientís larynx but could not obtain a conclusive result in your examination? XH-2 gives you the results you need!

Diagnosis of laryngeal cancer is now made possible by this state-of the art product brought by modern fiber optic imaging technology for endoscopes. It is by visual examination of the larynx through direct or indirect laryngoscopy that diagnosis of laryngeal cancer can be made.

The Laryngofiberscope XH-2 is suitable in the observation of nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx. It can also be used to especially examine the diseased region of vocal cord for biopsy, cytology and bacteriology. This can also be used as therapeutic device.

XH-2 is ergonomically designed and its unique flexible insertion tube provides this laryngofiberscope with unsurpassed handling and maneuvering characteristics. Accurate positioning and maneuvering of these instruments required for excellent visualization during examinations is possible while minimizing patient discomfort.

So why continue having trouble in obtaining the results you need, get XH-2 laryngofiberscope now for easier insertion and maneuverability!

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