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Laryngofiberscope XH-3
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Having difficulty assessing the condition of the voice box of your patient? With XH-3 laryngofiberscope, your examination and observation give you the satisfaction in arriving a conclusive result in a short period of time!

XH-3 laryngofiberscope is a waterproof flexible lighted tube used to look at the inside of the larynx or what we call the voice box. It is inserted through the mouth into the upper airway. It is a state-of the art fiber optic imaging technology for easier insertion and maneuverability with minimal discomfort to the patient.

We believe in the importance of conclusive examination of the larynx. Any erroneous diagnosis may cause one to have an undetected laryngeal cancer. XH-3 laryngofiberscope allows a brighter resolution, appealing image for better observation and examination and increased accuracy.

XH-3 laryngofiberscope is produced with excellent optics, higher resolution and highly recommended handling and maneuvering characteristics! So why take risk with your old larynx fiberscope, Get XH-3 Laryngofiberscope now!

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