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Sigmoid Fiberscope
Sigmoid Fiberscope
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Are you suspecting a problem in the condition of your patientís rectum or in his sigmoid colon but could not obtain a conclusive result?

Fear not, for there is already an endoscope instrument that can provide you with brighter, clearer and high resolution images in the rectum and sigmoid colon! It is the CS-60 Sigmoid fiberscope, another development brought by excellent fiber optic imaging technology. This flexible fiber optic sigmoid scope permits the colon to be examines up to 50 cm or 16 to 20 inches. It is an endoscope instrument used in sigmoidoscopy, which is one of the endoscope procedures resorted to by doctors to evaluate the condition of the rectum and sigmoid colon.

This flexible fiber scope is equipped with fiber optic lenses to allow direct evaluation of any rectal bleeding, acute or chronic diarrhea or change in oneís bowel patterns. This is also utilized to observe ulceration, fissures, abscesses, tumors, polyps or any other pathological processes. This flexible fiberscope is advanced past the proximal sigmoid and then into the descending colon. Its use decreases the possibility of perforation and it allows examination above the rectosigmoid junction. Because of its special graduated flexibility, it can be easily inserted into the anus and can be maneuvered with less difficulty to visualize the distal sigmoid and rectum. Specimens may also be obtained from suspicious looking areas of the colon.

This flexible fiberscope is made of high quality materials that undergone rigid processes to make this end product, durable, reliable for a lifetime service.

So for a conclusive examination with easy insertion and maneuverability, buy one now!

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