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Upper Gastrointestinal Fibroscope GIS-10
Upper Gastrointestinal Fibroscope
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Having a hard time locating the common bile duct stones which you need to remove? Are your own endoscope instrument suits your demands? Does it give you brighter and high resolution fiber optic imaging?

If your fiberscope for upper gastrointestinal tract does not the give the conclusive result you need, then we offer you this upper gastrointestinal fiberscope. It has the parts and components that surpassed the rigorous quality standards for an effective, reliable and life time service. It is made of high quality materials for brighter, clearer and high resolution imaging offered by the advanced fiber optic imaging technology.

This excellent and flexible lighted fiberscope, an endoscope equipped with fiber optic lenses permits the examining gastroenterologist direct visualization of the esophageal, gastric motility and duodenal muscosa and to collect secretions for further analysis without difficulty. The examining gastroenterologist can view the gastrointestinal tract through a viewing lens and can take still or video photographs through this fiberscope for documentation. It can be utilized to remove common bile duct stones, dilate strictures and treat gastric bleeding and esophageal varices.

Because we believe in the importance of detecting the abnormalities and problems in the upper gastrointestinal tract, we created this fiberscope with special graduated flexibility for easy insertion and maneuverability so that the examination can be done in a shortened period of time and minimize patient discomfort. This saves the examining gastroenterologist from exerting so much effort and drains him of the energy needed for his next patient.

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