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Upper Gastrointestinal Fibroscope GIS-WP98
Upper Gastrointestinal Fibroscope
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Having a hard time detecting what causes the pain in the abdomen of your patient? Is your upper gastrointestinal endoscope lacks the components you need for a conclusive operation?

Our upper gastrointestinal fiberscope is the answer to your problem. This fiberscope has been widely used for the examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract. This lighted fiberscope, an endoscope equipped with fiber optic lenses allows the examining gastroenterologist direct visualization of the esophageal, gastric motility and duodenal muscosa and to collect secretions for further analysis. The examining gastroenterologist can view the gastrointestinal tract through a viewing lens and can take still or video photographs through this fiberscope for documentation.

This flexible and durable fiberscope if used with other endoscopes for another or other procedure can also be a therapeutic procedure. It can be utilized to remove common bile duct stones, dilate strictures and treat gastric bleeding and esophageal varices.

This upper gastrointestinal fiberscope has the parts and components the gastroenterologist need for a conclusive examination in a short period of time. Made of high quality materials which passed the rigorous quality standards this end product is durable, reliable and waterproof for clearer and high resolution fiber optic imaging. Its improved flexibility makes its insertion easy and can be maneuvered even through the stricture areas with minimal patient discomfort.

For a superior, cost effective endoscope instrument and lifetime service, buy one of our upper gastrointestinal fiberscope now!

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