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Anesthesia Machine MHJ-IIIB2
Anesthesia Machine
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“A multi-functional apparatus great for hospitals.”

This is a new type of anesthesia machine. Reliable, safe and practicable, it is equipped with SC-M3A anesthesia ventilator, small type vaporizer and airway gauge. It can be connected with all types of vaporizers and monitors.

  • Standard ISO circuit system which is adaptable to all types of monitors
  • New type of flow meter, ORC system and automatic N2O cut off device
  • Compact Enflurane vaporizer
  • Pneumatic driven and controlled SC-M3A
  • Airway pressure gauge
  • Gas supply: 0.27-0.55mpa
  • Flow control range: O2: 0.1-10 L/min; N20: 0.1-10 L/min
  • O2 Flush: 35-70 L/min
  • N2O is automatically cut off if Oxygen pressure is =0.1 mpa
  • Anesthesia ventilator: gas supply 0.27-0.55mpa; frequency-6-40 bpm; I:E ratio-1:2±15 percent; tidal volume- adult 150-1600 ml, infant 50-150 ml; safety valve working pressure: 6kpa±15 percent.
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