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Portable Doppler FHR Detector TRDF-610P
Portable Doppler FHR Detector
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This portable Doppler is a great help to detect arterial and venous disease, assess blood pressure and useful for locating vessel for IV therapy and injection. This reliable, credible and durable Doppler is important for monitoring blood flow. It has interchangeable probe to monitor fetal heartbeat and detecting pregnancy.This is exactly the Doppler you need!

  • LCD clearly display FHR curve, battery, sound volume, synchronized signal flash indication
  • Store and hold monitored data up to 12 hours
  • Print function which prints the curve clearly
  • Highly sensitive probe that can detect FHR and vascular vessel
  • 1.0MHz, 2.0MHz, 5.0MHz or 8.0MHz option
  • RS-232 port which can connect the unit to a computer
  • Ultrasound Frequency: 2.0MHz, 5MHz (plus or minus 10 percent)
  • Ultrasound Power: lesser than or equal to 10Mw over cm2
  • Over-All Sensitivity: greater than or equal to 90dB
  • Spatial-Peak Ttemp-Peak Acoustic Pressure: less than or equal to 0.1Mpa
  • Effective Area Of Transducer: 6.0 plus or minus 0.5cm2
  • Input Voltage: AC 110 over 240V at 50 over 60Hz DC 24V plus or minus 2V
  • Input Power: less than or equal to 20VA
  • FHR Detection Range: 60bpm to 210bpm
  • Battery: 14.4 V Ni-MH rechargeable
  • Frequency Output Power: greater than or equal to 1.8W
  • Print Speed: 1/2/3cm per min
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