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Vascular Doppler Detector
Vascular Doppler Detector
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For a non-invasive assessment of blood flow to the brain, these Doppler detectors are capable of detecting and evaluating peripheral arterial disease and others. They are also ideal and perfect for monitoring hard-to-find pulses and low systolic blood pressures and can detect the blood flow average velocity, the blood stream status of arterial/ venous using 5MHz and 8MHz probe.

  • Transmitting Wave: sine wave
  • Doppler Response: 300Hz-5 KHz
  • Detect Speed Range: 4- 40CM/ s (BV-520T)
  • Display: (BV-520T) LCD: high definition 128 x 96 dots, display vascular PK, MN, HR and time
  • LED: bar shaped and colorized (BV-520): 20 bit
  • Voice: Max. speaker output: 200MW
  • Input Power: DC9V 1000mA
  • Batteries: 7.4 V/900mA lithium
  • Dimension: 35 x 55 x 13 (mm)
  • Main Unit: ±300g
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