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Electro-Pulse Stimulator
Electro-Pulse Stimulator
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Are you still using the old technique in clinical management of pain? DL-2 is now in the market. It is a state-of the art device for pain management.

The DL-2 electro-pulse stimulator directions is a fully transistorized low frequency therapeutic instrument for treating neurasthenia, acute wrench, stiff neck, roundworm disease in intestines, sequelae of infantile paralysis, chilblain and other common diseases. It is also proven to have some curative effect on treating the inflammation of cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra and scapula, sciatica, and rheumatism.

The relief of chronic pain by electric stimulator is now the latest technique in clinical management after Melzack and Wall proposed the gate control theory of pain transmission.

Because sensations such vibrations or light touch reach the spinal cord before the painful impulses, these vibrations or light touch can activate a pool of modulating neurons and block the incoming pain signal.

Electric stimulation causes release of the body’s own pain relieving substances which is known as endorphins. Electric nerve stimulation can activate the large fibers and produces a tingling or vibratory sensation that obstructs painful stimuli.

So discard your old technique and get DL-2 for a more effective and proven relief of chronic pain!

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