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High Frequency Cautery Set
High Frequency Cautery Set
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High Frequency Cautery Set is a truly reliable and adaptable instrument that is an elemental tool for your hospitals and clinics. This High Frequency Cautery Set provides a wide array of treatments such as coagulation, cutting, Cautery and carbonization. This High Frequency Cautery Set uses a high frequency generator for the purpose of electro surgery. This High Frequency Cautery Set is powerful and easy to use. It comes in a small and compact design for portability. This High Frequency Cautery Set is equipped with a foot pedal switch, which gives the operator a tight control in the flow of power and keeping the operator hands free for the operation.

Technical Data
  • Line Voltage: 220 Volts; Positive Or Negative 10 Percent
  • Power Consumption: 400 Watts
  • Monopole Output: 50 Watts
  • Bipolar Output: 25 Watts
Methods Of Application
  • Connect the line and press down the line switch. Plug pilot lamp to the foot switch plug and step on it to see whether the pilot lamp of oscillator is lighted up and a distinct sound is heard, if not, turn the output knob clockwise and a little bit forward till the pilot lamp of oscillator is reddish.
  • The volume of output is directly proportional to the brightness of the red light; the method of application of bipolar electro coagulation is the same as mentioned above.


  • The outer shell of this instrument is made by metal. Therefore, the line must be grounded properly.
  • Whenever monopole is employed is in the process of operation, never use the bipolar and vise versa because the output of both monopole and bipolar are provided simultaneously in this instrument.
  • Do not place anything on top of outer casing especially flammable alcohol and ethyl.
  • Rub off any uncertain rubbish on the electrode while therapy is on progress to avoid poor effect.
  • Line Wire: 1 Piece
  • Wire Of Monopole Electrode: 1 Piece
  • Wire Of Bipolar Electrode: 1 Piece
  • Foot Switch: 1 Piece
  • Fuse: 2 Pieces
  • Bipolar Electrode Of Gynecology: 1 Piece
  • Bipolar Electrode Of Throat Service: 1 Piece
  • Bipolar Tweezers: 2 Pieces
  • Silver Ball Electrode: 3 Pieces
  • Tapered Electrode: 4 Pieces
  • Electrode Of Curved Hook: 3 Pieces
  • Knife Handle Of Surgical Operation: 1 Piece
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