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Laser Surgical System
Laser Surgical System
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The Laser (acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is a coagulating, vaporizing and cutting tool which is frequently used in plastic surgery. A precise beam of laser light is directed towards the tissue. This light is then converted into heat energy which is then absorbed by the cells. When these cells heat up and losing their moisture they are eventually destroyed.

The use of laser surgery is an advantage because precision and accuracy of cell destruction can be obtained with reduced bleeding, swelling and less post-operative pain.

CO2 laser is primarily a cutting and vaporizing tool to excise or vaporize lesions such as warts, keloids and vascular lesions. Its energy is being absorbed by the water in the cells and therefore it only penetrates the tissue superficially.

CO2 laser surgical system is a high performance device created for the purpose of lessening post operative pain suffered by patients who undergone operations without the use of laser. It is also for the purpose of minimizing tissue damage and post-operation infection that this CO2 laser surgical system is in the market today!

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