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Stand Model Infrared Therapeutic Lamp
Stand Model Infrared Therapeutic Lamp
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Are you looking for an effective infrared therapeutic lamp? Well, look no more for we have the best in the market today! YSHD-I is the infrared heating lamp you need.

This Infrared Heat Lamp is the most effective infrared therapeutic lamp when deep heating of body tissue is desired. It can decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle from spasm and minimized pain caused by sprain in the ligaments. It also amazingly improves blood circulation to ease rheumatism, arthritis and other muscle pains.

YSHD-I is safe and convenient to use. The infrared rays of this lamp are noted to increase metabolism and relaxation of the muscle. This lamp should be connected with power supply 5 minutes before treatment for the heating of the lamp. And the lamp cannot be used until the weak red light of bulb appears.

YSHD-I is a stand model infrared therapeutic lamp for clinical treatment. It is made of high quality materials which surpassed the standards set for quality control.

So why waste your time looking, get the YSHD-I now and feel great!

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