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Ultrasonic Therapeutic Instrument
Ultrasonic Therapeutic Instrument
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The CSL 1 Ultrasonic Therapeutic Instrument is an exceptional therapeutic device, which utilize ultrasonic energy through an ultrasonic transducer. This Ultrasonic Therapeutic Instrument offers flexibility and efficiency for any practice and produces evident effects in the clinical therapy of joint adhesion, hematoma, fibrosis and muscle bound, shoulder inflammation and scars. This Ultrasonic Therapeutic Instrument has a selection choice of therapy, you can select between continuous waves and pulse waves. This instrument is set with a timing device, which specify when the treatment is done; it automatically discontinues the power output and makes a distinct sound signal. This Ultrasonic Therapeutic Instrument is offered in a simple and portable design and it is widely used in hospitals, sanitarium and clinics.

Technical Data
  • Output Power:
    1. Sine Waves: 0.5 to 1 watt per centimeter squared, adjustable in 11 steps
    2. Pulse Waves: 0.15 to 1 watt per centimeter squared
  • Working Frequency: 800 Kilohertz Positive Or Negative 5 Percent
  • Maximum Power: 70 Watts
  • Transducer: Lead Salt Of Zr Tiacid, Non Water-Cooling Type
  • Power: 220 Volts, Positive Or Negative 10 Percent
  • Working Conditions:
    1. Relative Humidity Is 80 Percent Maximum
    2. Ambient Temperature Is Negative 10 Degrees
    3. Centigrade To Positive Or Negative 40 Degrees Centigrade
  • Weight: 6 Kilograms
  • Dimensions: 320x135x210cm
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