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TR5 800
Digital Infusion Pump
TR5 800
Digital Infusion Pump
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This most advanced and outstanding Digital Infusion Pump is most ideal for accurate administration of intravenous fluids, bloods and other solutions. It is specially designed with essential and vital features to provide safe and effective application.

This Digital Infusion Pump has been created to automatically recognize the size of syringe and conveniently regulates the flow rate. It is best equipped with fast injection controller, total volume indicator and an automatic lock for preventing flow rate accidents. In addition, this Digital Infusion Pump can be used with 20ml, 30ml, and or 50ml syringe.

This high-quality and reliable Digital Infusion Pump comes in fashionable and elegant design. It is widely used in Intensive Care Unit, hospital wards and for blood transfusions especially in premature infants and neonates.

  • Audio And Visual Alarms
  • Battery Indicator


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