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TR6638 F
Fetal Monitor
TR6638 F
Fetal Monitor
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This exceptional Fetal Monitor is specially equipped with the most advanced and necessary features to provide accurate non-invasive diagnosis. This reliable and dependable Fetal Monitor is an ultrasound device used to examine and monitor fetal movement, fetal heart rate and systolic pressure of the fetus inside the motherís womb. It uses a pulse Doppler scan mode to provide enhanced imaging and measurements of moving surfaces. It comes with a colored LCD display and has a built in printer. This fetal monitor makes accurate result. This is perfect for use in obstetrics, ob gyne clinics, delivery rooms and ultrasound departments of the hospitals.

Main Specifications:

1. Ultrasound

  • Operating Principle: Pulse Doppler
  • Operating Frequency: 1 Mhz
  • Transmitting Power Density: 2milli Watts Per Cubic Centimeter
  • Sampling Frequency: Negative-Positive 5milli Seconds
  • Measuring Range: 60-210 Bmp
  • Accuracy: Negative-Positive 1 Bmp, 65 To Bmp
  • Fetal Heart Rate Volume: 1 To Ads
  • Fetal Heart Rate Alarm: The Upper And Lower Limit Of Alarm Value Can Be Set

2. Matrix Systolic Pressure

  • Outer Rests Sensor
  • Measuring Range: 0 To Units
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 200g
  • Pressure Range:
    1. Upper Limit: 1 To Percent; Initial Value: 100 Percent
    2. Lower Limit: 0 To Percent

3.  Fetal Movement

Operating Pattern:

  • Automatically Figures Out Note By Hand
  • Have The Function Of Located Markings

Parameter Guideline:

  • . Screen: 6 Inches Single Color Lcd Screen
  • . Development Wave: Display Fetal Heart Rate Wave, Matrix Systolic Wave And Sign For Fetal Movement

Operating Condition:

  • Temperature Condition: 10 To 40 Degrees Centigrade
  • Relative Humidity: Greater Than 85 Percent
  • Atmosphere Pressure: 86 To 106 Kpa


  • Printer: 110mm Inside Thermal Recorder
  • Print Pattern: Note Wave, Word
  • Power Supply: 200 To 40 V; 50 To 0hz
  • Power Consumed: Approximately 20 Watts
  • Cine Time: 0 To 2 Hours
  • Safety Standard: Iec601 1


  • Standard Configure:
    1. Ultrasound: Matrix Systolic Pressure, Fetal Movement, Built In Printer
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