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Phototherapy Infant Incubator TRBI2000P
Phototherapy Infant Incubator
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The TRBI2000 P Phototherapy Infant Incubator is comparable with the TRBI2000 model. This high-quality and heavy-duty Infant Incubator is best equipped with advanced microprocessor controller system used to interpret and manipulate certain commands of the unit. It comes with a soft touch control buttons for easy operation and separate display of certain commands such as skin temperature and air temperature. Additionally, this Infant Incubator performs a specific function to automatically check when there is a mechanical failure.

This Infant Incubator has a specific function and feature such as phototherapy blue light used for curing jaundice and comes with a large LED display. This Infant Incubator is specially designed with the most essential features to provide accurate application. This is mostly used in nursery stations of the hospitals.

  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller System
  • Touch Control Buttons
  • Separate Display Of Skin Temperature And Air Temperature
  • Power Off Memory Capacity
  • 6 System Alarm Identification
  • Greater Than 37 Degree Centigrade Setting Capacity
  • Alarm Silence Function
  • Failure Identification Capacity
  • Led Display
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