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TRVI Series
Vacuum Drying Oven Series
TRVI Series
Vacuum Drying Oven
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These series of Vacuum Drying Oven are most suitable in industrial and mining enterprises, clinical laboratories and scientific research institutes. By using reduced pressure, Vacuum Drying Ovens enables heat sensitive materials to be dried at low temperature. These series of Vacuum Drying Oven are particularly useful for controlled atmosphere heating. These are equipped with a microcomputer temperature controller, which ensures precise and reliable temperature control. The Vacuum Drying Ovenís toughened bulletproof glass door ensures clear observation of the objects inside the working chamber. The air tightness of the chamber door is adjustable, with a wholly shaped silicon rubber door-sealing loop, which provides adequate exhaust and ventilation condition.

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Trvi 6210

  • Main Voltage: 220 Volts; 50 Hertz
  • Power Consumption: 1500 Watts
  • Temperature Control Range: Rt Positive 10 To 250 Degree Centigrade
  • Temperature Fluctuation: Positive Negative 1 Percent
  • Vacuum Degree: Greater Than 133pa
  • Chamber Dimension: 560 X640 X600mm
  • Overall Dimension: 730 X780 X1650mm
  • Tray: 3 Pieces
  • Material Of Working Chamber: Stainless Steel 1gr 18ni9ti
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