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Cardiac Resuscitation And Monitoring
Cardiac Resuscitation And Monitoring
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DFB-900 is a defibrillator with 6 parameter monitor. It is used to deliver an electric current in order to depolarize a critical mass of myocardial cells. It is usually utilized to perform an emergency treatment of choice for ventricular fibrillation and pulse less VT.

In an emergency treatment of ventricular fibrillation, electric current is delivered through paddles or conductor pads. Both paddle pads may be placed in front of the chest as standard procedure or the other paddle may be placed on the front chest while the other is connected to an adapter with a long handle and placed under the patientís back which is called the antero posterior placement. Instead of paddles, defibrillator multifunction conductor pads may be used. These pads which contain a conductive medium are placed in the same position as the paddles. They are connected to the defibrillator like DFB-900 and allow a hands-off defibrillation. This reduces then the risk of touching the patient during the procedure and increases electrical safety.

DFB-900 is made of high quality materials for a remarkable performance. Its proven durability and reliability for lifetime service show that it has passed the quality standards required.

Technical Parameter:
  • Lead:
    1. I
    2. II
    3. III
    4. aVR
    5. aVL
    6. aVF
    7. V1-V6
    8. GND
  • Sweep Speed: 12.5,25,50mm/Sec
  • Gain Selection: ◊1/2,◊1,◊2,Auto
  • ECG Lead/Cable: General Lead/Cable For Adult, Pediatric And Neonatal Patients
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