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RT 2000
ECG Stress Test
RT 2000
ECG Stress Test
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RT 2000 is a powerful and easy to use ECG system to fit your exact requirements. This ECG unit features superior and modern technology to help utilize the workflow in your office. This unit can turn any PC into a full featured electrocardiograph. This latest ECG device can perform many functions such as 12 lead resting ECG, Vector ECG and Ventricular Late Potential. The system automatically stores, displays and prints out the recorded ECG, VCG AND VLP data because of its advanced intuitive Windows operation.

This device is fully featured with advanced PC based system and with its advanced software and the ability to connect to the PC, you will be able to make taking ECG fast and effortless.

In addition, the RT 2000 can be easily expanded to RT 2000 Plus, a perfect stress test system that records and monitors all 12 leads ECG simultaneously and continuously. Stress ECG is a very effective, non invasive test that can help determine whether your heart is getting enough blood flow and when there is enough oxygen when put under stress.

This RT 2000 unit is a significant and excellent device for your cardiology department.

Computer System Requirements:
  • Pentium III Processor
  • 64mb Ram
  • 206 HD
  • Windows 98-2000, XP Operating System
  • Vga Compatible Display
  • Windows 98-2000, XP Compatible Laser Or Inkjet Printer
Ecg Recorder Specifications
  • Sampling: 1000 S/S/Ch, 12 Bits, Simultaneously Records 12 Leads
  • Digital Resolution: 2 Micro Volts
  • Frequency Response: 0.05 To 250hertz, Positive Negative 3decibels
  • Common Mode Rejection: Greater Then 90decibels
  • Input Impedance: Lesser Than 10mega Ohms
  • Constant Time: 3.2seconds
  • Maximum Electrode Potential: Positive Negative 300millivolts DC
  • Dynamic Range: Positive Negative 5millivolts
  • Isolated Voltage: 4000volts
  • Current Lock: Greater Than 10microamperes
  • Patient Cable: Standard 10 Wire, 15 Pin D Connector
  • Pc Interface: USB Connector
  • Dimensions: 149x122x26mm, 5.9x4.8x1.0 Inches
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