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Fingertip Oximeter
Fingertip Oximeter
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“For a portable and highly accurate oxygen saturation monitoring”

Pulse Oximetry is a non-invasive method of continuously monitoring the oxygen saturation of Hemoglobin (SpO2 or SaO2). Although it does not replace arterial blood gas measurement, pulse oximetry is an effective tool to monitor subtle or sudden changes in oxygen saturation. It is used in all settings where oxygen saturation monitoring is required such as home, clinics, ambulatory surgical settings and hospitals.

Oxygen saturation monitoring can be done using the fingertip oximeter. A probe or sensor is attached to the fingertip. The sensor detects changes in the oxygen saturation level by monitoring light signals generated by the oximeter and which is reflected by blood pulsing through the tissue at the probe.

Measuring blood oxygenation with pulse oximetry reduces the need for invasive procedures such as drawing blood for analysis of oxygen levels. After the pulse oximeter sensor slips easily over a patient’s fingertip, the oxygen saturation level appears on the monitor. The fingertip oximeter is portable and ideal for home use. This fingertip Oximeter can be used to measure human and heart beat through finger. It is easy to use and highly accurate in giving the oxygen saturation level.

This fingertip oximeter is easy and convenient to operate with low battery consumption.

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