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TR 6628 E and TR 6628 O
Multi-Parameter Monitor
TR 6628 E and TR 6628 O
Multi-Parameter Monitor
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These Multiparameter Monitor are outstanding and flexible multiparameter device. Their advanced technologies are offered in a modern and compact design. These Multi parameter Monitors offer flexibility and competency for different functions such as ECG, Non-invasive Blood Pressure, Pulse Oxygen Saturation, Body Temperature, Blood Oxygen, Ultrasound, Fetal Movement, Matrix Systolic Pressure and Display. These Multiparameter Monitors are simple to use and has fundamental safety features. Check out on these multi parameter monitors for high quality at a popular price.

Main Specification
  • ECG
    1. Heart Monitoring Range: 0 To 300 Beats Per Minute
    2. Accuracy Of Fetal Heart Rate Calculation: 1 Beat Per Minute
    3. Accuracy Of Fetal Heart Rate: Positive Or Negative 1 Percent
    4. ECG Amplification Bandwidth: 0.05 To Hertz To 100 Hertz
    5. Lead Selection: GND, Standard I, II; Lead Purpose Pressure Lead Avr, Avl & Avf;
    6. Chest Lead: V1 To V6
    7. ST Monitoring: Negative 2.O To 2.0 Mv
    8. Pole Cast Indication: Acoustic, Light Display
    9. Scan Speed: 12.5, 25, 50 Mm Per Second
    10. Plus Selection: X1 And Half, X1, X2 And Automatic
    11. Protection: Insulated, 4000v Ac Per 50Hz Voltage
    12. Lead Wire: Adult ECG Power Cable And Lead Wire
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