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Ultrasonic Nebulizer  TR-NU203
Ultrasonic Nebulizer
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This ultrasonic nebulizer is ideal for small hospitals and home use. It is made for handy administration of aerosol medication, airway hydration and adjunct therapy for the mobilization of retained secretions. It consumes less energy thus a cost-effective hospital instrument. It surpassed the standard set for efficient and effective performance. Made of high quality materials, it can offer long-life performance.

TRNU203 is great for mist therapy which is sometimes ordered before or during intermittent positive-pressure breathing treatments or postural drainage.

Mist therapy or ultrasonic nebulization produces particles small enough to reach the respiratory bronchioles. These minute particles are produced when high frequency sound waves vibrate through water or isotonic saline. The ultrasonic mist can be fanned as a cold fog into tents or attached to oxygen masks or face tents.

Technical Parameter:
  • Style: TR-NU203
  • Size: 24 14 22.5
  • Weight (Kg): 2.5
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