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Electromotive Obstetrics Operating Table



Electromotive Obstetrics Operating Table

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The TRCB 8 ELECTROMOTIVE OPERATING TABLE is an economical and comprehensive operating table used in gynecology and obstetrics, diagnosis and examination.

This table comes in a modern design and resilient materials used to upholster the bed surface. It is powered by electricity under the power voltage of 220. It is equipped with a mini touch controller to simply adjust the movement of the table. The back and front can be inclined, the table can be lifted and the back board can be folded upward and downward.

This Electromotive Operating Table is flexible and easy to operate. It offers a high degree of stability and mobility. Most parts of this table are made of imported materials to ensure robustness and resilience.

Technical Data
  • Length And Width Of Table Top: 1240mm x 570mm
  • Max. And Min. Height Of Table Top: 900mm x 600mm
  • Max. Forward And Backward Tilting Degree:
    1. Forward, less or equal to 10 degrees
    2. Backward, less or equal to 25 degrees
  • Max. Degree For Back Rest Adjustment:
    1. Up, less or equal to 65 degrees
    2. Down, less or equal to 15 degrees
  • Length Of Auxiliary Mesa: 600mm x 570mm
  • Power: 220Volts 50Hertz
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