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High Frequency 50K Radiography Unit
High Frequency 50K Radiography Unit
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This highly accurate radiography system is best for diagnosing the internal structures of the body. It has large LCD which displays all radiographic modes. One can choose from different modes such as normal radiography, bucky radiography, tilting radiography, ion chamber AEC and APR. Its best radiographic modes deliver high quality images. The multifunctional radiography meets the clinical standards required. This is definitely what you need!

Standard Composition:
  • 1 Set H.T. Generator
  • 2 Tubes Of H.T. Cable Which Is 75KV Over 16m
  • 1 Piece Of X-Ray Tube Assembly Stand XD52-10.40 Over 150, 0.6 Over 1.2
  • I Set Vertical Bucky Stand
  • I Set Collimator

Generator Change Voltage Form H.F. Reverse Change 25 KHz
KVp 1 KVp Per Step 40 150 KVp Plus-Minus 5 Percent Plus 1 KVp
mA Steps 25 -630 mA Plus-Minus 5 percent Plus 1 mA
Time Steps 2ms-5s Plus-Minus 1 Percent Plus 0.1ms
MAs Steps 1-599mAs Plus-Minus 5 Percent Plus mAs
Max Current Power   50 KW
Power Supply Inner Resistance Voltage Capacity Less Than 0.3 ome
X-Ray Tube Assembly Stand Siemens Ray-12  
H.T. Cable 75kV/16m
Radiographic Table Bucky Stand Tube Vertical Movement 520-1760 mm
Tube Longitudinal Movement Along Table Body 2380 mm
Tube Assembly Rotation Around Lateral Arm Negative 120 Degrees Positive 120 Degrees Can Be Fixed At Any Position
Tube Stand Rotation Zero Degrees To Positive 90 Degrees, Fixed Position At 90 Degrees
Table Length Is 2100mm
Width Is 800mm
Height Is 690mm
Longitudinal Movement Is 900mm
Transverse Movement 250 mm
Collimator Manual
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