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TRS-100 L TRS-120L
Versatile Ventilator SC-300
TRS-100 L TRS-120L
Electrical Vertical Steam Disinfector
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“Using a clean instrument means safe operation”.

This type of electrical vertical steam disinfector is another innovation which is installed with a safety valve for auto power cut off when there is current overload or overheating of the equipment.

It is also equipped with a timer, a heater, a releasing valve, a pressure-temperature indicator, an alarm bell which goes off if sterilization process is complete and an auto-power cut off device for the heater. A mechanism knob is also installed to control process of disinfection.

Made of stainless steel of high quality, it guarantees long-lasting performance. Highly ideal for scientific research institutes, clinics, hospitals in remote areas and for other institutions using surgical instruments, fabrics, glasses, culture medias and other instruments requiring sterilization and disinfection before use.

So for your better operation, hurry and get this electrical vertical steam disinfector!


Model TRS-100L TRS-120L
Crust Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Volume Of The Disinfecting Pail 100L 44x65cm 120L 48 x 66 cm
Timer 0-60 minutes 0-60 minutes
Pressure-Temperature Controller 110-126 degree Celsius over 0.05 0.165MPa 105-126 degree Celsius over 0.05 0.165MPa
Power 3x1.5 KW over AC220V(50 Hz) 3x1.5 KW over AC220V(50 Hz)
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