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TR 420 B
Automatic Electrothermal Boiling Sterilizer
TR 420 B
Automatic Electrothermal Boiling Sterilizer
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This Automatic Boiling Sterilizer is an excellent choice for sterilization of your laboratory instruments. It effectively kills microorganisms, which might cause infection and eliminates the risk of spreading bacteria by boiling. The main body, the cover and the instrument tray of this sterilizer are made of nickel chromium for use in rugged condition. Moreover, the outer casing is made of a fine quality rust proof steel plate. There is a heat insulated glass wool filled between the inner jacket and the outer casing to ensure maximum heat needed for sterilization. This Automatic Electro thermal Boiling Sterilizer is equipped with an electro thermal tube that acts as a heating element and it heats the water completely and fully utilizes thermal energy. Furthermore, this unit is designed with an automatic temperature and time control, which can be set according to the boiling requirement. Automatic Electro thermal Boiling Sterilizer is generally used in hospitals, clinical and dental laboratories and research institutes.

Technical Data

  • Overall Dimensions: 444mm X 270mm X 235mm
  • Instrument Tray Dimension: 414mm X 174mm X 30mm
  • Power Source: 7 Amperes Per Ac; 200 Volts
  • Timer: 0 To 30 Minutes
  • Total Weight: 9 Kilograms
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