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Sterilizer TR280F1
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Sterilization of surgical instruments that were used in operations and treatments is important to prevent occurrence of infections to the next patient. This infection may occur if the living microorganisms responsible for it are transferred to the next human body under operation. Steam sterilization by using this type of sterilizer is widely used in the hospitals and other medical institutions to ensure that the surgical instruments were fully sterilized and that the living microorganisms therein were totally eliminated.

TR280F1 provides automatic sterilization which is controlled by computer. It is easy to operate and has a maximum temperature of up to 135 degree Celsius suited for 4-6 minutes of rapid sterilization. It has an inner circulation system that does not exhaust steam inside the room to ensure dry and clean environment which is made possible by its drying function. Its sterilizing plate has holes and cover which can be closed when finishing the sterilization process in order to prevent air pollution.

This table type autoclave is equipped with over-temperature, over pressure auto protect device. Its door can not be opened if the inner pressure is more than 0.027Mpa because of its self-lock device and it will not start the sterilization process if the door is not closed properly. The safety valve will automatically open if the inner pressure is over 0.024Mpa and the steam is exhausted to its water box. The power supply is automatically cut off when the inner steam temperature is over 138 degree Celsius. If the heating tube temperature in the course of drying is over 150 degree Celsius, the power and the water are automatically cut off and the alarm will go off.

To ensure proper result of the sterilization, an auto-exhaust device is installed on the chamber. It has a protective cover to ensure the safety of the operator. The body of the sterilizer and shell are made of stainless steel and can be used for a long time.

Technical Parameter:
  • Maximum Volume:
    1. 20L (inside diameter §¶250¡Á420mm)
    2. 25L (inside diameter §¶250¡Á520mm)
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 0.215Mpa
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 134¡æ
  • Adjustment Of Temperature: 115~134¡æ
  • Timer: 0~60min
  • Chamber Temperature Equal: ¡Ü¡À1¡æ
  • Source Power: 1.5KW/AC220V 50Hz (1.5KW/AC 110V 60Hz)
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