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Sterilizer TR280F2
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This table type pressure steam sterilizer has a stainless steel shell which is of high quality to ensure proper and effective sterilization because we believe that an efficient steam sterilizer plays a vital role in the destruction of living microorganisms that are responsible for the occurrence of infection. This table type steam sterilizer is simple to operate autoclave with computer type settings. It is a steel vessel, used for the steam sterilization of instruments or materials or for chemical reactions, at high temperature and under pressure.

TR280F2 is produced to give an effective steam autoclaving or the high steam pressure technique used in sterilization of surgical instruments. This is great for sterilization of surgical and medical instruments to prevent unwanted infections from using the surgical instruments!

Technical Parameter:
  • Maximum Volume:
    1. 20L (inside diameter §¶250¡Á420mm)
    2. 25L (inside diameter §¶250¡Á520mm)
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 0.215Mpa
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 134¡æ
  • Adjustment Of Temperature: 115~134¡æ
  • Timer: 0~999min
  • Chamber Temperature Equal: ¡Ü¡À1¡æ
    1. Touch-type setting of temperature
    2. Pressure and time self-control of temperature
    3. Pressure and time digital play (The Display Screen VFD) automatically cut
    4. Control supply of water and electricity
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