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Sterilizer TR999
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This table type pressure steam sterilizer is great for automatic sterilization controlled by computer. It is easy to operate. Its maximum temperature is up to 134 degree Celsius which is ideally suited for 4 -6 minutes of rapid sterilization. This type of sterilizer is equipped with over temperature, over-pressure auto protect device. Its door can not be opened when the inner pressure is more than 0.027Mpa due to an installed self lock device. The power supply and the water are automatically cut off and an alarm will go off when in the course of drying the heating tube temperature is over 150 degree Celsius. The body of this table type sterilizer is made of high quality stainless steel and a shell by spray paint.

It is important to have a well-made and efficient autoclave sterilizer for the destruction of living microorganisms that dwell in any surgical instruments that was used in operations and treatment. If these instruments were not fully sterilized, it may transfer this living microorganisms to the human body and may cause infections.

So to prevent infections, steam autoclaving which is a high pressure steam technique used in destroying this living microorganisms is highly recommended. And TR999 is best suited to perform the task with commendable efficiency and affectivity!

Technical Parameter:
  • Sterilizing Chamber Volume: 20L (?270 x 340mm)
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 0.215Mpa
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 134¡æ
  • Adjustment Of Temperature: 115~134¡æ
  • Timer: 0~60min
  • Chamber Temperature Equal: ¡Ü¡À1¡æ
  • Source Power: 1.5KW/AC 220V 50Hz
  • Sterilizing Plate: 235 x 255mm
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