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TRS 2000 I
Children’s Phlegm Absorber Unit
TRS 2000 I
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Children’s Phlegm Absorber Unit
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The TRS 2000 I Children’s Phlegm Absorber is an ideal and clinically proven apparatus for effectively absorbing thick phlegm and mucus especially in children. This Children’s Phlegm Absorber Unit offers a high level of stability and reliability. This is specially made with the most advanced and necessary features to provide maximum efficiency.

This unit is specifically designed to operate at conventional 220 Volts AC power. The weight of this unit is 4.1 kilograms, purposely designed for ease of movement and portability. This unit is created with an anti-rust PC container and equipped with a non-lubricant pump, which prevents oil moist pollution for a safe application. The storage bottle of this electric phlegm absorber can store 1000 milliliters of liquid and the suction rate is 15 liters per minute.

This Children’s Phlegm Absorber Unit comes with special accessories such as 1 piece phlegm sucking tube, 1 piece 2-meters suction hose and 1 piece air filter. These essential accessories can make use of the unit into its full advantage. The modern and dense design of this unit will lend a sense of confidence to the patient especially in children.

Refer to the specifications below for comprehensive and detailed information regarding the technical data of this product.

  • Negative Pressure Limit: 0.08mpa,600mmhg
  • Suction Rate: 15 L Per Minute
  • Noise: 55db
  • Input: 200w
  • Power Supply: Ac 220v,50hz
  • Liquid Storage Bottle: 1000ml X1
  • Dimension: 37cm X 20cm X 23cm
  • Net: 3.5kg
  • Gross Weight: 4.1kg
  • Phlegm sucking tube: 1 pc
  • 2-meter suction hose: 1 pc
  • Air filter: 1 pc
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