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Electric Suction Apparatus TRES23 I
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Electric Suction Apparatus
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This type of Electric Suction Apparatus is purposely designed with the most sophisticated and essential features to promote maximum efficiency, safety and accuracy upon its application.

This Electric Suction apparatus is designed in a trolley-style form to promote ease in mobility. It is suitable for effective absorption of mucus from body cavity and wounds. This Electric Suction Apparatus is unique and versatile for it can accommodate higher volume of liquids.

Furthermore, this has been designed with oil-less pump to avoid oil moist pollution and it is equipped with an overflow protection device to prevent the liquid from overflowing and entering the pump. It comes with transparent and non-toxic PVC hoses with unique connections so that the unit can readily be linked with the other components. This is equipped with air filter that reduces bacteria in the absorbed liquid to prevent environmental pollution. The unit is installed with hand-switch and foot-switch for easy operation. It comes with special accessories such as the celiac catheter, 2meters suction hose and air filter. These special accessories enable you to take full advantage of the unit.

This model of electric suction apparatus is designed to operate at 220 Volts AC power. It comes with two large storage bottles that can accommodate 4000ml of liquid. The vacuum is adjustable to a certain range.

Refer to the specifications below for comprehensive and detailed information regarding the technical data of this product.

  • Max. Vacuum: 680mmhg
  • Flow Rate: 30L Per Minute
  • Storage Bottle: 4000ml X 1, 1000ml X 1
  • Vacuum Adjustable Range: 0.02mpa
  • Noise: 60db
  • Input: 180 Va
  • Power Supply: 220v,50hz
  • Dimension: 56-X 40 X 64Cm
  • Net: 8.5kg
  • Gross Weight: 10kg
  • Celiac catheter: 1 pc
  • 2-meter suction hose: 1 pc
  • Air filter: 1 pc
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