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Electric Suction Apparatus TRLF980D
Electric Suction Apparatus
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This model which offers high vacuum and flow because of its double piston cylinders is ideal for surgical operations where large quantities of fluids are needed to be immediately taken out of the body. With its advanced design and perfect configuration, it gives beyond satisfactory performance.

  • Oil-less vacuum source and maintenance-free
  • Required vacuum is available within seconds
  • Vacuum regulator that controls the required level of vacuum
  • Vacuum meter showing vacuum level
  • Overflow protection device which prevents liquid or solid particles from entering intermediate tubing
  • Bacteria filter which eliminates airborne contamination
  • Two transparent 4000ml graduated jars made of polycarbonate (PC) are unbreakable and can withstand the action of an autoclave
  • Valve for fast manual selection of jar
  • Rinsing cup to place catheter before or after operation
  • Stainless handle for easy and comfortable mobility
  • Accessory box at the back to lay foot switch and power cord
  • Max vacuum: ≥0.09Mpa (680mmHg)
  • Adjustable vacuum range: 0.02Mpa~0.09Mpa
  • Flow rate::≥80L/min
  • Noise: ≥60dB(A)
  • Jar: 4000ml x2
  • Power supply: 220V±10 percent, 50 Hz
  • Input Power: 280VA
  • G.W.: 29 kg, N.W.: 25.5 kg
  • Dim: 49 cm x 39 cm x 94 cm
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