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Low Pressure Suction Apparatus
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Low Pressure Suction Apparatus
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The TRLS1 Low Pressure Suction Apparatus is safe and effective type of Suction Apparatus that uses low-pressure vacuum and suction rate. This is most ideal to use after surgical operations where the patients’ secretion needs to be drained for a long time at a low-pressure suction.

This Low-Pressure Suction Apparatus possess the best features and offers an indispensable benefits and advantages. Additionally, it has the function to determine the capacity of liquid automatically to prevent overflowing and there’s no need for oil filling to avoid oil moist pollution. This is designed to be compact and lightweight for portability.

This Low-pressure Suction Apparatus is suitable for gastrointestinal decompression suction posterior to such abdominal surgeries such as intestinal fistula, gastrectomy and sucking amniotic fluid and oral cavity mucus of infants and neonates born from cesarean operation.

With its most advanced and valuable features, this Low Pressure Suction Apparatus offers stable performance and guarantees long period of service. This is specially designed to operate at 220 Volts AC power. The amount of water being sucked is 700ml per minute. This suction apparatus is included with special accessories such as the air filter and suction hose. These special accessories make the unit more functional and valuable.

Refer to the specifications below for comprehensive and detailed information regarding the technical data of this product.

  • Power Supply: Ac 220v,50hz
  • Input: 30va
  • Negative Pressure Value: 188mmhg
  • Amount Of Water Sucked: 700ml Per Minute
  • Noise: 50Db
  • Dimension: 31cm X 20cm X 28cm
  • Net: 2kg
  • Gross Weight: 2.4kg
  • 2-meter suction hose: 1 pc
  • Air filter: 1pc
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