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FPD 300 Y
Automatic Xray Film Processor FPD 300 Y
FPD 300 Y
Automatic Xray Film Processor
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The FPD 300Y Automatic Xray Film Processor is purposely planned and created with the most advanced and essential features to offer superior quality in automatic processing. This Automatic Xray Film Processor is specially made in durable and high quality materials to provide long period of service.

This box-type automatic xray film processor is modishly designed to be compact and lightweight to offer roomy space in the darkroom for a more organized work. This automatic processing unit is incorporated with six principal components such as the transport system, the temperature control system, the circulation system, the replenishment system, the dryer system and the electrical system. This can accommodate various sizes of medical and radiographic films, from 3x4centimeters to 30.5x38.1 centimeters at option. It can process 18 pieces of 25.4x30.5 centimeters of xray films per hour and 240 pieces of 30x40 centimeters of xray films per hour. It only requires 2.4 liters of developer solution, 1.2 liters of fixer solution and 1.2 liters of water.

This Automatic Xray Film Processor helps revolutionize busy radiology departments, lessen radiographic artifacts and makes high quality radiographs. Check out on our most advanced model of automatic xray film processor and be assured of superior quality and dependability.



  • Sizes Of Xray Films That Can Be Developed: 3 x 4cm to 30.5 x 38.1cm
  • Developing Time: 150seconds
  • Developing Temperature: 28 degrees centigrade to 35 degrees centigrade
  • Developing Capacity: 240pcs per hr of 30 x 40cm xray films, 18pcs per hr of 25.4 x 30.5cm xray films, 2 lines
  • Power Source: AC220V, 50 per 50Hz
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Size: 340 x 482 x2 65
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