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Xray Film Cassettes
Xray Film Cassettes
Xray Film Cassettes
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We offer a wide range of sturdy and rigid Xray Film Cassettes guaranteed to maintain close film screen contact to avoid exposed radiographs and artifacts due to unnecessary leakage of light when using poor quality xray film cassettes.

Our various models of xray film cassettes are purposely created with the most durable and high quality materials to offer long period of service. These xray film cassettes are ideal and rigid holder that contains the screens and films. These are incorporated with important characteristics of a good xray film cassette. The front surfaces of these xray film cassettes are made of materials with low atomic number, such as thin yet sturdy cardboard or plastic. These types of xray film cassettes are loaded with identical screens, front and back. Attached to the inside front covers are the front screens, and attached to the back covers are the back screen. Incorporated between each screen and the cassette cover are felt or rubber, to maintain close film-screen contact. The back covers of these xray film cassettes are made of heavy metal to minimize backscatter. This will help in radiation protection among the patients and the technologists.

Furthermore, our models of high quality Xray Film Cassettes are specially designed with modern intensifying screens that are made to resist abrasions and damages caused by mishandling and light leaks to avoid poor radiographic image. The Blue and Green-intensifying screen is used to match the sensitivity of various xray films for better spectral absorption and the Barium Fluoro-Chloride high speed-intensifying screen provides optimum speed. These premium types of intensifying screens are useful in most type of radiographic imaging. These are available in designs that come in various sizes corresponding to different film sizes.



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