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Xray Film Dryer
Xray Film Dryer
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The TRFD 85 Xray Film Dryer is an exceptional tool used for drying various sizes of medical and radiographic films. This has been designed with the most fundamental and dependable features to provide maximum level of accuracy and guarantees satisfaction in its application.

In order to acquire high-quality radiographs that are free from artifacts, the first step is to have the most reliable and accurate xray film dryer. If finished radiographs are wet and damp, then it is prone to pick up dust particles present in the air and this could result in artifacts. Moreover, a wet or moist radiographic film is difficult to handle in a view box and it can be sticky and destroyed when stored. This heavy-duty Xray Film Dryer provides superior-quality xray radiographs because it has the essential characteristic in drying radiographic films such as sensitive temperature control, accurate timing and quick drying.

This Xray Film Dryer is specially created to completely extract all residual moisture from the processed radiographs. This is equipped with a sensitive temperature control to thermostatically regulate the air that enters the drying chamber to ensure dust-free and low humidity air.

Check out on our most advanced model of Xray Film Dryer and be assured of superior dependability and durability.



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