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Xray Film Hangers
Xray Film Hangers
Xray Film Hangers
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Check out our extensive selection of sturdy and reliable Xray Film Hangers that come in various sizes specially designed to fit to different sizes of xray films and other radiographic imaging films.

Chemical solutions used in processing medical radiographic films contain substances that can deteriorate and alter other elements. Our manufacturer has designed high quality Xray Film Hangers particularly made of durable and rustproof materials designed to withstand chemical solutions used in manual processing. They come with built-in safety clips to secure the xray films and other medical radiographic films firmly in place during the process of developing the radiographs, and secure it when hanging and drying.

We offer an extensive range of first-rate and superior quality Xray Accessories such as Xray Film Cassettes with Intensifying Screens, Xray Film Hangers and Xray Films.

These are available in the following sizes:
  • 5 inches x7 inches
  • 8 inches x10 inches
  • 10 inches x12 inches
  • 11 inches x14 inches
  • 14 inches x14 inches
  • 14 inches x17 inches
  • 6 inches x15 inches
  • 7.5 inches x12 inches
  • 7 inches x14 inches
  • 7 inches x17 inches
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