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Xray Film Viewers
Xray Film Viewers
Xray Film Viewers
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We offer a wide selection of modern and high quality Xray Film Viewers designed to improve radiographic quality and help the radiographers and radiologists to have a better view of radiographs for a more effective and precise diagnosis. Just like every other xray accessories, the design and construction of these xray film viewers are purposely planned and made with the most durable and powerful materials to guarantee long period of service. These xray film viewers are flexible enough and elaborately designed to fit different sizes of medical and radiographic films. The illuminations of each unit are clear and bright to provide accurate viewing of xray films. They consumes reasonable amount of electricity. These sturdy and reliable Xray Film Viewers are available in various types and screen sizes to offer superior level of performance in its application.

Available in:
  • Single connection, 50W, 360x435mm screen size, and 440x540x120mm diameter
  • Double connections, 80W, 720x435mm screen size, 800x540x120mm diameter
  • Triple connections, 130W, 1080x435mm screen size, and 1160x540x120mm diameter
  • Four connections, 185W, 1424x435mm screen size, 1504x540x150mm diameter
  • Five connections, 250W, 1774x435mm screen size, 1854x540x150mm diameter
  • Six connections, 255W, 1080X435mm screen size, 1160x1055x150mm diameter
  • Eight connections, 370W, 1424X435mm screen size, 1504x1055x150mm diameter
  • Ten connections, 500W, 1774x435mm screen size, 1854x1055x150mm diameter
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